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Best martial arts movies of the decade

Posted on : 15-03-2012 | By : Bill G. | In : other


3 Best Martial Arts Movies of All Time

Finding fascinating movies is hard enough, but when you are looking at a genre like martial arts, you are really going to have to search for the quality ones. Consider this as the top 3 strangest Kung Fu movies of all time, which in turn are also some of the best martial arts movies of the decade.

The Best Martial Arts Movie of the Decade: Crippled Masters

The first strange one is none other than Crippled Masters. This extreme martial arts film features two men without limbs fighting the bad guys and winning. It is seriously one of the oddest movies. At the same time it is empowering in a very captivating way, which makes it one of the best martial arts movies of the decade.          

The Best Martial Arts Movies of the Decade: The Legend of the Seven Golden Vampires

The second movie is The Legend of the Seven Golden Vampires. Mixing Hammer’s House of Horror with the Shaw Brothers classic style, this film came out of left field to attempt a merger of two film genres. It did not exactly work as planned, but it lives on today in the hearts and minds of many cult movie fans. This unique movie was also one of the best martial arts movies of the decade.

The Best Martial Arts Movies of the Decade: Master of the Flying Guillotine

The third movie to make this list is Master of the Flying Guillotine. This 1975 masterpiece is the reason why Street Fighter 2 exists. The characters and the story line melt together in a fashion that only a video game could respond properly. You will be amazed at the cartoon style effects, but you will be mesmerized by the blind monk with an incredible weapon. Because of the influence this movie had, it is one of the best martial arts movies of the decade.

The Best Martial Arts Movies of the Decade: Best of the Rest

This is not the all; end all list of Kung Fu movies, but it is enough to get you started on watching some of the stranger films. These are all easily available on DVD, but do not expect crystal clear transfers, as they are not meant to be seen in high definition.

One of the best martial arts movies of the decade is Shaolin Temple. The 1978 classic Kung Fu movie is a tale about an emperor who is murdered by a military general. The military general wants to take his place as ruler. The all star cast includes Shu Feng, Lam Kwong Jung, Chia ling, Mak Kong Lung, Cheun Yuen, and Liu Ching.

The ambitious architect of the coup is a man named Chung Wei Li, the emperor’s minister of war. He found his place in government with the help of the queen, she falls into guilt and despair about her responsibility for his actions, and she commits suicide. The princess, who is to be forced into marriage with her father’s usurper, also commits suicide in the tragic early scenes. The emperor himself uses his dying breaths to obtain a promise from his most trusted general (general Ho) to protect his son, and a promise from his son that he will avenge the crimes that have been committed.

The emperor’s son sets out for revenge, but whilst fighting he is hit by a poison dart that will kill him in seven days, and General Ho sends him with two of his most trusted soldiers to get the cure for this poison from a monastery, where it is being protected by a group of monks before dying himself. After meeting up with the two daughters of General Ho, the prince, who is suffering bouts of delirium from the poison, and his band of warriors fight many battles for revenge. They also seek the antidote. Truly one of the better plots in the Best Kung Fu Movies Of All Time. There are loads of great weapons, fighting action for the martial arts fans, and the general’s daughters make good strong female characters. If you love classic 1970’s Kung Fu movies like me, then you will love this one too. General martial arts movie fans should enjoy it too. A rating of 7 out of 10 seems like a fair rating to me for one of the Best Kung fu Movies of All Time

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